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We need to enter your FIFA Mobile account to transfer coins. You're not allowed to log in after submitted your order information until we finish your delivery.


When we verify and successfully login through your account, start counting, each 1000K takes 10mins -1hour, and when we complete your order, we will mail you to login your account.


How to make Code Generator & two-factor authentication on Facebook


Please Login

1. Go to your Security and Login Settings by clicking in the top-right corner of Facebook and clicking Settings > Security and Login.

2. Scroll down to Use two-factor authentication and click Edit

3. Choose Text Message (SMS) and Click Enable

4. Click Enable once you've selected and turned on Text Message (SMS)

5. Go to Recovery Code and click Get Code

6. Send us the 10 Codes showed in Screen

You can pick one of the three code submitted to us, when we need to verify the account, only need to use code can be verified. When the order is completed, for your account security, please modify your account password frist.

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